Cheese expert Debbie DeckerAsk The Expert: Perfect Pairings of Clinton Vineyards Wines and Local Cheese

Is there a combination more sublime than wine and cheese?

But pairing the right wine to cheese is a job for experts. That’s why we asked Debbie Decker, Assistant Manager of Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie, a veteran cheese expert, for advice on which local cheeses pair best with Clinton Vineyards wines.

Here is her official report:

ToussaintFirst, we paired Twilight Rosé, which is so fresh and lively that it is best with a complex cheese. That cheese is Toussaint from Sprout Creek Farm. This award-winning raw-milk cheese has a rustic natural taste that complements the berriness of the wine. It is perfect for a picnic or barbecue.

CamembertThen we paired Victory White 2014 Sevyal Blanc with Old Chatham Sheepherding Creamery’s Camembert. Pure decadence! The sophisticated taste of the Sevyal Blanc paired so well with the creamy butter-like flavor of this half-cow, half-sheep’s milk cheese. This is luxury! A real treat to yourself!

Stella Vallis TommeWe paired the Riesling 2014 with Chaseholm Farm Creamery’s Stella Vallis Tomme. What a wow combination! I loved them together! The sophisticated Riesling works so well with the cheddar-like undertones of this Tomme. The combined flavors of the cheese and wine are classics. I would serve these together for the most formal gathering, as well as for everyday dinners.