Clinton Vineyards Twilight Rose

Clinton Vineyards Twilight RoseAs the balmy days give way to sweltering evenings, one Clinton Vineyards wine stands above all others as a summer refresher: Twilight Rosé 2015.

An extremely versatile wine, Twilight Rosé 2015 showcases a light, fruity character that appeals to both white and red wine drinkers.

In the process of making this distinctive wine, neither oak or added sugar is used. The result is a crisp, fruit-forward wine with notes of delicate berry and balanced with fresh acidity.

While perfect for the summer months, Twilight Rosé 2015 is ideal for all seasons. It is especially food-friendly, pairing well with a wide range of cuisines and seasonal specialties, from summer seafood dishes or grilled foods to hearty pork loin in the cooler weather.

We urge you to try Twilight Rosé 2015, a special release to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Clinton Vineyards. Order from our online store by clicking here.